Walnutty Bread

This is modified from a recipe by KitchenManiac


I’d been looking for a great recipe for walnut bread. My first attempt was a whole wheat version that was so dry and tasteless that I rejoiced when my cats decided to nibble on it. Because then I had an excuse to throw it out.

Yuck. Cat germs. Throw it out.

Nevertheless, I persisted (See what I did there?). I found this version that uses bread flour and quick oats, a bit of brown sugar and a lot of walnuts.

The original recipe was, I thought, a bit off. It called for a full tablespoon of salt– I cut that down to one teaspoon. Instead of 1 1/2 teaspoons of active dry yeast I used 2 1/4 teaspoons, or one packet. I also went with a heaping cup of walnuts instead of the 3/4 cup called for.

The result was a moist, fluffy, walnutty loaf– soft on the inside with a perfect crunchy crust. YUM.

So good.

Have it with homemade soup. I made a big pot of slow cooker split pea.

Soup and bread. Heaven.


All right, let’s bake. Did I mention I use a bread machine?

Add the water to the insert first.
Pour the flour in a big mound over the water.
Add the rest of the ingredient except for the walnuts all around the sides of the flour.
Make a depression in the middle of the mound of flour and pour the yeast into it. Don’t skip this.
Set the breadmaker to “White” and “Medium Crust.”
When the machine beeps, open the lid and add the walnuts.
Then leave it alone until the bread is done.

Try it, you’ll like it


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