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  1. Frances
    Frances August 10, 2015 at 3:58 pm | | Reply

    I was a former Employee of Leahi Hospital. In 2010 I had asked my co-workers in the Nursing Department to please ask the State of Hawaii Legislators to not cut the budget for Hawaii Health Systems Corporation. No one in the OAHU regional System Stood up and assisted me with this effort, however we as a Corporation got Emergency Appropriations for a “Mandated” Electronic Medical Record System that would Streamline the Billing Process and in turn Reimburse the Medical Provider Quicker.
    I stated before my departure that Everyone should be “prepared” because as an affiliate with the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation employees are not employed by the “State of Hawaii.”
    I understand that the Nursing Department has done its share in “saving” money. 1. Overtime was adjusted by 15-30 min to avoid paying Meals. 2. Overtime times were also adjusted so that there would be no payment of Working 7 days Straight. 3. The Offer for Pre and Post Overtime was reduced. 4. Many Supplies like garbage bags,paper towels and even Hand Soap were reduced to reduce Stranding Purchase Orders. 5. Ask the Corporation of Hawaii Health Systems where they spent Monies?
    I ask the Legislators of the State of Hawaii to do a walk thru of Leahi and Maluhia. The unit that will be Shown is the Young 2, because of Ideal temperature settings. It is the only Air Conditioned Unit that has Patient care, yet has a capacity of 22. So Tell me was it Ideal to close a Unit of 38 which is Young 4 and allow a unit of 22 to run. I understand that Young 2 is also a TB unit however that unit is underused. in a 12 month period the total admission on that unit is no more than 8 in a year. It gets Hot at Leahi Hospital, yet I will ask this question as I asked the Corporation. “The Corporation has Air Conditioning as well as Maluhia, wouldn’t it be ideal that the patients/residents who are our target market feel more comfortable if there was Central Air?” Guess what the response was, oh it cost alot of money to renovate, Funny thou that Corporation Air Condition was renovated to a Superior System in 2011.
    Sorry to Hear that Marlyn is going thru so hardships at Leahi should she need Healthcare for the Child I suggest that she apply thru Med Quest because paying over $600.00 for Healthcare is a sad reminder that as Civil Employees that serve the Public its Shameful that as State we pay Peanuts to the Civil Employees.

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